Workshop Registration and Substitute Reimbursement Request Form

The Oregon Forest Resources Institute (OFRI) is a state agency dedicated to forestry education in Oregon. OFRI recognizes the effectiveness of teacher workshops and wishes to support teacher’s forest education efforts. OFRI provides forest education workshops at the Rediscovery Forest at the Oregon Garden and at other partner locations around Oregon. Educators from around Oregon may apply for the substitute reimbursement funds to cover substitute costs associated with attending a teacher workshop offered by OFRI. In addition, OFRI will fund requests on a case-by-case basis, to those educators and schools whose opportunities to participate in such forestry-related studies are otherwise limited.

Complete and submit the substitute reimbursement request form below. Substitute reimbursement requests will be reviewed by Julie Woodward, Senior Manager, Forest Education or Norie Dimeo-Ediger, Director of K-12 Education Programs, on a first-come, first-served basis.


  • Requests are considered on a first-come, first-serve basis, well in advance of the event.
  • OFRI will reimburse school districts up to $200 per day, per participant for substitute fees.
  • It is the school districts responsibility to hire and pay the substitute; this funding is for reimbursement only.
  • Funding may only be used for direct substitute reimbursement costs associated with the forest education workshop, this funding cannot be used for travel or other related workshop expenses.
  • For school districts to be reimbursed, educators must sign in at the beginning of every workshop and attend the entire workshop session.
  • This funding request may only be used for an OFRI sponsored teacher workshop.
  • For reimbursement, school districts will need to ensure each participant has received an approval letter prior to the workshop. After the workshop the school district will need to send OFRI an invoice for up to $200, a copy of the approval letter and school federal tax identification number no later than 45 days after the event, or by June 30, whichever comes first.


  • No commitment can be made prior to approval of a written request.
  • OFRI can provide a decision (approve or reject request) in approximately one week, though we can only pay actual expenses from billing after the event. This program covers only substitutes.
  • The cost of substitute reimbursement approved of up to $200 per day is the Maximum amount OFRI can be invoiced for.
  • In order to ensure payment, OFRI must receive an invoice from the school made out to OFRI, a copy of the original approval letter you received from OFRI and your school federal tax identification number no later than 45 days after the event, or by June 30, whichever comes first.