Grades 9-12

High school students are able to use sophisticated reasoning with difficult concepts, particularly when the learning context is familiar to them. Using forests as a context for learning is beneficial for students this age, as it provides them with a “real world” basis for applying new knowledge

Many high school students still have difficulty proposing explanations based on logic and evidence instead of on their prior conceptions of the natural world. Providing many opportunities to collect evidence and develop explanations based on that evidence can help them develop this skill. Forest literacy activities at the high school level may explore:

• What factors contribute to the biodiversity of Oregon’s forests?
• How do people manage forests to achieve desired forest outcomes and ensure the sustainability of our forests?
• What role do governments, private companies and individuals play in managing Oregon’s forests?
• What can individuals do to help sustain forests?

Forests can become the focus of more and more sophisticated research, in which students can use data to drive their decisions. Forests can also provide a meaningful context for high school students to examine the implications of issues on a variety of levels, both locally and globally.

Grades 9-12 Programs & Resources

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